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New Sunday School Parents Handbook

Zion Lutheran Church Sunday School

2014-2015 Parent Handbook Summary

The following provides a short summary of items which are included in Zion’s Sunday School Handbook. You can obtain a copy of the entire handbook by going to zionbethalto.org. If you would like a printed copy, contact your child’s teacher, Carlea Halverson, or Bruce Dorris.

Topic Brief Description Page in Handbook
Classes Offered Classes are offered for children ages infant through high school. All classes except Little Lambs and high school meet in the school. 5
Cancellation of Sunday School Rarely, Sunday School needs to be canceled, typically because of inclement weather. Parents who provide an email address – via the registration form – will typically receive a note regarding closures. 6
Use of Gym Children are not to use the school gym either before or after Sunday School. 7
Registration All members are required to be registered. Registration provides important information such as emergency contacts, medical issues, and similar for each child. Frequent visitors are encouraged to register, also. 7
Photos and Use of Names Our staff needs to know your preferences regarding the use of your child’s photo or name. This is addressed through registration. 7
Volunteers Sunday School wouldn’t exist without a number of volunteers from Zion. There are many ways, besides being a teacher, parents can help and we will work with you to accommodate your schedule, time constraints, and similar. 8
Attendance Regular attendance is encouraged for a number of reasons. Recognition for exemplary attendance and the use of “we miss you” mailings both are used to encourage attendance. 9
Bring a Friend Children are encouraged to bring an un-churched friend to Sunday School. And, they are encouraged to invite their Zion-member friends who don’t typically attend Sunday School. 9
Offerings Offerings are encouraged but, of course, not required. All Sunday School offerings go to missions. 10
Special Needs If your child has special learning or medical needs please let our staff and teachers know. We want to work together with you to ensure the most appropriate learning environment is provided for your child. 11
Parent’s Involvement Sunday School works best when parents talk to their children about the lesson at home. Check out the various ways this can be done. 11
Behavior Expectations Children need a comfortable environment in which to learn and that means all must be well behaved and cooperate. When that doesn’t happen we need to take measures up to and including getting help from parents. 12

You can find the New Sunday School Parents Handbook by clicking here.